Launch Party
Friday, April 4, 2014, 6pm
UIC School of Architecture
3100 Octagon

Excerpt from Volume 3+4

...This issue of aX features four of our friends in conversation with faculty, revealing a range of relations between the two. There is a pair generations removed, reflecting on the transformative role of the mentor in architecture while inadvertently hinting at their own relationship (Oubrerie and Palider), and two fellow travelers of new territory in contemporary urbanism, by way of Houston (Pope and De Jong). There is a former teacher/boss and student/employee (Payne and Bair) exploring what happens when the bird leaves the nest (and the nest gets repositioned), and a bromance between former colleagues (Lehnerer and Preissner) working through both the doubt and certainty of a friendship originating from architecture.

Volume 3+4 contents

Always be articulating
A conversation between Jason Payne and Kelly Bair

A process of making things
A conversation between José Oubrerie and Ryan Palider

The Ontological Project FAQ
A conversation between Albert Pope and Judith K. De Jong

Between ambition and friendship
A conversation between Alex Lehnerer and Paul Preissner

Architecture's Neighbors

a/X is made possible in part by an institutional grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

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