Julie Flohr

Clinical Assistant Professor


MArch, University of California at Los Angeles
Architect DPLG, Ecole d'Architecture de Versailles, France
Diploma in Alternative Design, Archeworks Design Laboratory

Julie Flohr is the founder of Oisse architects, an architectural and design practice, whose operations rely on the logic of patterns - that may be deployed at varying scales and in differing media, ranging from the particulars of an assembly to the organization of the public realm. Her work is informed by both research in leading technologies and the application of low-tech strategies.

Projects she has worked on have been published in Metropolis Magazine, Architectural Record, Dwell Magazine, Landscape Architecture, Competitions Magazine, and the Chicago Tribune. Her work has been exhibited at the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies, the Chicago Architectural Club, and Gallery 400.

Prior to founding her office she produced work in collaboration with DB4PS Cecilia Benites and Clare Lyster with their entry "Assembled Ecologies: Infrastructure à la carte" for the Graham Foundation and with Jason Sachs with their entry for "The Spertus Institute for Jewish Studies" developed for the Burnham Prize. She was a project architect at Garofalo Architects and Gensler.

Flohr has held academic positions at IIT, Ball State University and UIC, where she has taught design studios and seminars that explore articulating analog and digital design processes.

Oisse Architects