1.0 Futures

Revolving around an intensive design and studio culture, the School of Architecture at UIC is energized by an environment that enjoys animated polemics and debate, characterized by extreme rigor, frequent irreverence, contagious curiosity, and calculated optimism. The expectations are high, as are the returns for those who accept them. Architecture is largely a practice of organizing information, of intelligently identifying and deploying patterns–conceptual, visual, structural, behavioral, and material–in the world. The program at UIC prepares its graduates to convey all scales of these spatial and organizational patterns through the systematic development of an aesthetic attitude, a technical confidence, and a theoretical opportunism.

Informed by a contemporary and historical understanding of its discipline and location, the School of Architecture ventures to liberate and install new forms of collective association and material organization through all media of architectural design and research.

Chicago, perhaps the ur-American metropolis, is an ideal launching pad for such architectural and urban speculation. We understand that Chicago is a city with a history, in all the shady and vaguely salacious senses of the phrase, and that the challenge to living in such an interesting place is the continual need to rescue it from its would-be custodians and boosters. To this end, we enlist the legion of unlikely scenarios and cartoon-like diagrams extracted from the city's archive, aimed toward the projection of alternative futures both here and elsewhere.

We are less interested in preserving the city's monuments than extending its experiments.


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