4.0 Urban Jungle

In proposing what amounts to a plastic politics of design, we leave the old liturgy of history and the new moralism of science to others, those whose truncated platitudes ("Mr. Wright," "green") mask a fundamental unwillingness to address all the messy wildness that the varied environments of the suburban-metropolis sponsor. Admiring so much the paradoxes–swagger, frailty, brilliance, and failure–of the historical figures and environmental features of the city and region, we refuse to invoke them as a means to market rote styles, or to place what are ultimately political and aesthetic choices beyond reproach. Nothing is beyond reproach; it's all up for grabs. The questions and possibilities offered to architectural design by contemporary technologies and metropolitan formations are never assumed, but always open to renewal and reconsideration.

Neither the city nor technology is static, nor are the ways in which they are incorporated into the UIC curriculum.

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