7.0 Disciplining Practice

The training of an architect is legally split between the university and the office. Our view of this partnership is that the school instills the values and rigor of discipline, while the office provides the opportunity to practice (the delivery of professional services). Both disciplinary knowledge and practical experience are necessary to professional registration. The relationship between school and office in conveying this knowledge and experience is most productive when each undertakes the job it does best from a position of strength and conviction.

The School of Architecture is particularly fortunate to participate in an urban context and international network of strong and varied professional offices from which students are able to select in order to continue their practical education. Through a close attention to its discipline, the School is best able to prepare students for the multiple formats of practice, both current and future, that inevitably erupt in a dynamic office culture. A school does not serve its students well by simulating practice, a compromise only necessary in locations with weak professional offices, but can be extremely effective at demonstrating ways of thinking and working that give students the confidence to confront the unknown and contribute to the development of a project in its largest sense.

The School of Architecture at UIC works from the premise that a student's best chance for getting a position is by taking a position.

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