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Studio Supplies: Upon arrival at YArch, each student receives a set of studio supplies. These materials equip students for basic drawing and 3D exercises. (Please note that students may find it necessary to purchase additional materials for individual studio projects.) YArch does not provide a sketchbook and encourages each student to choose a size and style that suits him or her. Please visit the Cost page for more details on the required sketchbook.

Computing: The School will provide all computers, software, printers, and lab access necessary to complete digital work. YArch tutorials will introduce students to programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Please note that although a laptop is not required, participants who do have access to laptops often find it most convenient to use their own computers throughout the program.

Books and Readings: A required and recommended reading list will be made available to students before the program begins. During the course of the program, YArch professors will issue required or optional readings as handouts or provide access to these materials through the UIC library.

Events: YArch tuition also includes tickets to all scheduled tours, events, and lectures. Lunch or dinner will be provided in conjunction with these activities twice each week.


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